Digital Campaign Plans

Digital Campaigns for the Non-linear Buyer

The buyer journey has become a long, winding decision tree. Inbound marketing is replacing target marketing, and your customer chooses their path.Their mission is to find the best solution with the lowest risk and highest reward. You need to entertain, educate and innovate to communicate your value at every step along the journey. Today there are many more customer touch points and the process in non-linear.
Digital Campaign Buyer Journey
To nurture your leads at every step along their journey you need a tool that can get inbound done right. Cumulate has chosen to partner with HubSpot, the marketing automation platform created to perfectly execute inbound campaigns. HubSpot has a steep learning curve and you need a HubSpot Certified expert to utilize the full capability and customize the tool for your specific needs.

Cumulate digital is focused on solving  marketing challenges

              • Stretching your budget
              • Gaining sponsorship and buy-in for your campaigns
              • Reducing the time and money you would spend doing digital with a different tool (single point) for each step
              • Proving ROI

Attract Visitors

Attract the right visitors to your site.

Cumulate will create great organic and paid SEO, SEM, directory listings, optimized content, blog posts, and news releases to attract your key personas. Social posts, comments and groups will create buzz and attract minbound. Marketing and sales input as well as segmentation and persona development are part of the process.   

Convert Sales Leads

Converting a sales lead can happen at any stage in the inbound process, but it will always involve gaining interest and involvement by informing and exchanging information. Great content, effective landing pages and engaging thank you pages will provide you with valuable information and create a trustworthy experience that can turn visitors to great sales leads. Social channels can also create a conversation to turn a contact into a sales lead. Both marketing and sales will decide on the digital behaviors that indicate a contact is ready to become a sales lead.

Close Sales

Closing the sale involves significantly different tactics and information than those used for attracting and qualifying sales leads but you will still do a lot of the work using your digital communications. We offer specific digital tactics for supporting sales and providing the right information at the right time.

Delight Customers

Delight sounds like a pretty tall order but you can do it. Customers and contacts are delighted when you understand their needs, educate them, thank them and take care of their issues promptly. That sounds doable. Cumulate has the digital campaign tools to help you create triggered and micro-segmented email campaigns to keep customers in the loop and provide a unified and reliable response to every need. Let’s get it started!