B2B Websites

Great B2B Websites are Now a Requirement:

Your website is one of the most important business decisions you make. Considering 81% of B2B buyers begin their research on the web, there is a good chance they will see your site before they see you. The look, feel, functionality and usability of your site is now a reflection of the way you run your company.

Cumulate starts with a plan:

Cumulate begins web design with a thorough discovery of your goals and objectives and the value you bring. Next a complete discovery of your customers and the primary tasks that they want to complete when they visit your website is done. After the web the plan is completed, personas are built, and there is a clear understanding and agreement on what your site will accomplish, we begin the design and build phase.

Build and Design:

Cumualte works with several different web designers and firms to bring together the right team and tools for the functionality requirements to achieve your goals. The Cumulate process content inventory, card sort, mapping, wire frames, pre-launch content, usability testing, launch plan, metrics, continuous testing plan, evaluation and recommendation.

Test, Test, Test 

Testing will begin as soon as any content is ready and will continue throughout the process and the life of your site.