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Swank B2B Event at Oppenheimer Funds

Here is an example of a Swank B2B Event at Oppenheimer Funds

I am always looking for examples of great B2B digital marketing and how it is planned. Oppenheimer Funds recently hosted a ‘Tech Talk’ that meshed digital and traditional event strategies in an branded approach. Social media, professional event management tools, high-value content, and a diverse group were used to build a great event and connect a community.

A Social Invitation 

 After spending some time on the Oppenheimer Career site, Diane Ferguson, Oppenheimer’s VP of Talent Acquisition, reached out to me to connect on LinkedIn to “keep in touch”.  A couple of months later I received a LinkedIn message with a personal invitation to attend a ‘Tech Talk’ at the Oppenheimer campus in Denver. The registration process was handled through Eventbrite, making it easy to calendar and get directions.

Diverse Group, Great Location

Attendees included Development, IT, Martech, Advisors, development platform vendors, and executives so the conversation was varied. The food was good and the venue, a glass and stone lobby with raised tables, was chat-friendly. ‘Ask Me What I Do’ printed on the badges made introductions simple.

Content Disruption 

The presentation was a drill-down on a disruptive new app, the CEO Advisor Institute Mobile App. Oppenheimer provides this free tool as part of their CEO Advisor Institute Program aimed to help Advisors build a successful business.

The platform, strategy and typology were unveiled by Oppenheimer’s Head of Digital and Marketing Technology.  iPads were at the ready for a hands-on look at the user experience. I tried it and the Presentation Builder tool is significantly ahead of Slideshare for ease of use and beautiful graphics. The slide content is the “Wow” factor for creating an impressive presentation – anywhere – connected or not.

Meet People and Network Later

I  forgot my business cards and really appreciated the fact that this event was ‘No Card Required’. An opt-in list of attendees was sent after the event. 

Customer Delight!

An online survey was sent out after the event, inviting ideas and comments. The message confirmed that more events are in the works and encouraged sharing this information.

The Oppenheimer event was smartly executed and exemplifies the strength of digital and traditional used for B2B events. Diane Ferguson created the event to build a community and this strategy works. If you are interested in attending the next Oppenheimer Funds event, contact Diane Ferguson, dferguson@ofiglobal.com.

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