Traffic Building for Retail – Stay focused on Your Business and Let Cumulate Generate the Traffic

Traffic Building for Small and Medium-sized Retail Business

Cumulate, in partnership with Colorado company Marketing 360, provides that answer to retail traffic building by managing a complex multi-channel digital marketing program with not only the right automation tools but also the dedicated marketing expert. You will have a marketing department with digital expertise at a small fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Marketing 360 allows you to focus on your core business and not miss-out on any of the benefits of digital marketing.

180 Day Quick-Start

The Marketing 360 Program provides a quick-start response generating component and solid digital content marketing to grow and maintain organic inbound for long-term success. This is sophisticated marketing managed by experts. It focuses on getting you quick results and then lays the foundation for long-term organic results. The program includes:

Natural Listing Ads

Local Listing Ads

Top Placement Ads

Retargeting Ads

My click-to-calls

User Experience Intelligence

360 Certified and Dedicated Marketing Executive