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Digital can help Close Sales

At this stage in the buyer journey, a buyer is looking for the whole picture of your proposal and your company. Closing Sales with digital involves supporting the sales team’s efforts.  The sales-enablement tools that need to be findable on the web today are the testimonials, case studies and believe it or not, the what makes your company get out of bed in the morning vision and mission. Each content piece is gated. Leads answer the critical few intent questions that qualify them for sales. Answers to obvious objections in the form of an FAQ page helps to minimize risk for the buyer. These content pieces are there to aid Sales in the final stretch. Cumulate campaigns allow many opportunities for the lead to contact sales anywhere along the Buyer Journey and sales is automatically alerted when buying intent is indicated. Sales never waste time creating their best-ever power point because they have plenty of content to pull from.  – Along with customer comments and ratings. No, this is not nirvana, it’s marketing automation.

Digital Content and Context can Close Sales

Timing is everything. Digital  can close sales while maximizes the efficiency of the sales team and it lets the prospect choose how they want to interact.

Timing with content and context is everything. It’s true that following up with a lead within 24 hours can increase conversions by 50%. But it needs to make sense. If I am called while I am still in the parking lot after a trade show, after I have just talked to 20 reps, it better be good The conversation needs to include a summary of benefits and how it’s a fit for me, and a great closing offer.

Millennials prefer to work with a vendor for product information through email, on-line meetings and on-line demos. They want to engage early and expect a seamless on-line experience. Digital campaigns have all that and more.

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